General information

MYG Tech LTD. was established in 2002, privately owned company, operating as exclusive distributor and manufacturer’s representative mainly in Israel.
Our main products are semiconductor equipment, systems, assemblies, consumables spare parts and accessories.

Our main customers in Israel include the largest semiconductor Fabs, as well as equipment manufacturers. 

MYG Tech shows high level of customer orientation while looking for the most effective solutions


Other markets which MYG Tech supports:

  • Solar: Suppliers for PV manufacturing 
  • Chemical: Suppliers of accessories to liquid and gas delivery systems.
  • Equipment and systems to Startups, research centers and universities.


We have over 35 years of accumulated experience in service engineering, sales, purchasing, suppliers local representation inventory management and logistics.

Our current staff consists of high skilled process and equipment engineers.
We manage a local inventory and repair workshop at facilities nearby our strategic customers, to enable a reliable and consistent supply chain.