Cyberoptics – WaferSense

Cyberoptics – WaferSense revolutionary family of products offers a wireless set of measurement solutions for wafer leveling, wafer gapping, wafer vibration, particles measuring and teaching semiconductor equipment. Why spend hours of manual measuring when WaferSense can deliver accurate, repeatable results in mere minutes? Each product boasts a wafer-like form factor allowing them to travel like wafers travel, making for easy installation and minimal machine downtime. Because they are wireless, WaferSense products save you time and are easy to use. The wireless feature also allows you to obtain data from locations that are difficult to access With WaferSense, we have designed some of the most precise measurement products available, giving our customers more accurate and more repeatable results. Link WaferSense to your own laptop with our included software and log accurate, immediate feedback. Real-time data logging allows you to establish standards and conduct meaningful data analysis. This highly efficient process can improve system setup and increase long-term yield.


          AMSR                APSR / APSRQ                   APS3


           AMS                            ATS                              AVLS

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