About Us

MYG Tech LTD. was established in 2002, Private held company, Operating in the sales, distribution and service as manufacturer’s representative and service provider’s representative mainly for semiconductor equipment, Systems, Sub Assy, Repairs, consumables Spare parts and wafer handling, with major customers in Israel like: Micron, Intel, Tower, SCD, AVX, Gal-El, as well as equipment manufacturers like KLA, AMAT, Nova, Tevet, Camtek, Jordan Valley, and more, MYG strive to be customer oriented market.


Other markets MYG gained expertise:

– Solar: PV manufacturing

– Chemical: liquid and gas

– Pharmaceutical

– Startups, research centers and universities.


We have Over 35 years of accumulated experience, Eng. Service, sales, Purchasing Representation and logistics.


MYG Tech LTD. emphasize dedicated sales, service and after sales service, Customer satisfactory is our goal. Our current stuff consist of high skilled Eng, and logistics, with many contacts at At high and mid level of purchasing, Process and equipment Eng. in the verity of equipment: Facility, sort/test Etch, Litho, Thin-film, and Implant.


We also have a warehouse, for local stock, dedicated location next to strategic customer for Our major principles.

 The Team