Gecko Wafer handling pad

Introducing our revolutionary adhesive pads for your end effector, taking your operations to the next level.


  • Boost Robot speed by 2-6 times, maximizing throughput and minimizing wafer breakage.
  • Exceptional grip in vacuum chambers and heated environments (tested up to 270°C).
  • Perfect for wrapped wafers up to 8mm thick and various handling applications.
  • Unparalleled wafer slip resistance, even in corrosive gases, plasma, and high-speed spinning (tested at 5000 rpm).
  • Say goodbye to unsightly holding marks on your products, unlike vacuum cups or O-rings.
  • Streamline operations with custom designs for each application, reducing the need for additional accessories and utilities.
  • Effortless cleaning within 30 seconds per pad, saving valuable time and resources.

Experience the next level of wafer/mask/glass handling with our innovative adhesive pads.

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