WK-Heateflex Corporation offers a broad range of high purity products for heating fluids, including chemical heaters, deionized water heaters, gas heaters, steam heaters, and heat exchangers. Whether there is an ultra-pure need for grid or frame immersion heaters, stainless steel heaters, PVDF or PFA In-Line heaters, point of use DI water heating stations, or a […]


Since 1972, WK-IMTEC has consistently provided high-quality products for rapidly changing markets and technologies. We have a broad customer base that includes companies of all sizes, OEMS, labs, and universities from all over the world. Imtec has set the global standard for both static and recirculating heated quartz baths. Our complete line of Accubath systems […]


ePAK is a Leading Full-Service Provider of Semiconductor Transfer and Handling Products. Device protection and contamination control begins at the wafer fab and extends to the assembly site. ePAK never forgets that the most valuable product in the semiconductor and electronics industry is also the most fragile and susceptible to mishandling and contamination. Not all […]


Fluid material handling in the semiconductor industry requires processes that are accurate and repeatable, while maintaining the highest standards for purity and cleanliness. Reliability, quality, and productivity improvements improve throughput and give chipmakers an advantage in this highly competitive market. Malema’s high-purity solutions are engineered to improve process control through use of leading edge technologies. […]


TOSOH Quartz, Inc. expends much time and effort to research the market and develop tools and processes to stay abreast of the present & future needs of our customers. We also use audits, such as ISO, vendor, and SSQA, to continually and objectively evaluate and upgrade all phases of operations. For more information about the […]


Since Pillar establishment in 1924, they have been supplying high-quality and creative products such as mechanical seal, gland packing, gasket, fluorine resin products (fitting, pump and valve) applying Their original fluid control technology including advanced material engineering, sophisticated design skill and precise production technique as a leakage stopping sealing manufacturer.Their products give a high performance […]


SemiQuarz is one of the leading suppliers of quartz glass products for the semiconductor and solar industry. We have a well-earned reputation for maximum flexibility, outstanding quality, and first-class customer service. Quartz glass has many unique properties and is the basis material for many processes in the industry and numerous applications in the chemical and […]

Gnone Pad

Gecko Wafer handling pad Introducing our revolutionary adhesive pads for your end effector, taking your operations to the next level. Benefits: Boost Robot speed by 2-6 times, maximizing throughput and minimizing wafer breakage. Exceptional grip in vacuum chambers and heated environments (tested up to 270°C). Perfect for wrapped wafers up to 8mm thick and various […]